British Nigeria Business Club

We are creating the British Nigeria Business Club (BNBC) to complement the efforts of governments and Chambers of Commerce in stimulating, supporting and promoting faster and easier trade interaction between Diaspora, British and Nigerian businesses.

The BNBC is a membership club and one-stop shop set up to create an interface between the diaspora, UK and Nigerian businesses for the presentation, discussion and implementation of business opportunities.  There are three main focus groups:

  • British companies and business leaders with the Diaspora and Nigerian Government agencies, companies and business leaders.
  • Nigerian companies and business leaders with the Diaspora and with UK Government agencies, companies and business leaders.
  • Diaspora companies and Business leaders with Nigerian and British business leaders, companies and Government agencies.

We will organise a number of networking events to stimulate partnerships to boost opportunities for UK, Nigerian and Diaspora companies to make valuable international business connections that create more businesses, raise profiles, and build strategic alliances.


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Benefits of joining our network

  • Attend our summits, networking evenings, Business to Business (B2B) Meetings Free
  • Present your Business to a large network of Business Leaders
  • Access Information about Partnership, Funding and Technology
  • Get Expert Advice and Guidance about Developing, remodelling and expanding your business

Dinner ONLY Fee (For Diaspora Participants)

Standard: £60
VIP: £75

Standard: £60
VIP: £75

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Corporate UK


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Special circumstances: Please contact us: +44 7879 160331 (text only) or send an email to: