Nigerian Diaspora Direct Investment Summit (NDDIS)

The NDDIS was established to help the over Two Million UK based Nigerians in the Diaspora and other British and international investors on one hand and the 17 million Nigerians in other countries to set up their businesses in Nigeria by promoting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into our country Nigeria.

It is also a platform for the identification of potential sources of Finance, Technology and Technical skills transfer that could boost the promotion and stimulation of enterprise and the creation of jobs in Nigeria.

The Diaspora As Bridge - Builders And Drivers of Development…

Since its inception, the Nigerian Diaspora Direct Investment Summit (NDDIS) has provided the platform and bridge for the Diaspora, UK and other international business leaders to engage with important stakeholders in Nigeria and Africa to develop partnership, trade and job opportunities.


More About NDDIS

From next year, the NDDIS will start to go to other countries where there are Nigerians.

We will also mobilise members of the Diaspora of other African countries to invest in their own countries and also collaborate across countries afterall, with the advancement of technology, we all now live in a global village.

NDDIS has worked with the Nigerian High Commission in London, the Department of International trade and several other partners over the last 10 years to address the issues of bringing Diaspora and international investment into Nigeria.

Together with our partners British African Business Alliance Ltd, we have put together projects and solutions that Nigerian Entrepreneurs from the Diaspora can bring to Nigeria.

NDDIS works across a wide range of sectors.

In this instance, we have mobilised Diaspora Expertise, Internationally Recognised Technology and Management Skills as well as potential Investment to address the need of companies, LGAs, states and federal government institutions.

Aim of Our Investment Summits

NDDIS is aimed at mobilizing investment from the UK and other countries into Nigeria using the Diaspora as the bridge and connector.

It seeks to woo the Nigerian Diaspora in the UK and other countries, International Investors, UK and other international Companies, with the aim of getting them to help create jobs and provide local employment.


We've had tremendous success in our summits

In the past, The NDDIS initiative has been described as the biggest gathering of Nigerian business leaders and the best-organized investment summit in the Diaspora. We ensure that our summits are not ordinary talkshops but platforms for one to one, business to business engagements. Our 1st summit in 2013 attracted in excess of 2,000 participants over 2 days whereas, we had over 700 delegates at the 2014 event. You can find more details about the NDDIS at the different year tabs above.


Meet Our Amazing Partners

We have engagement with UK Department for International Trade, UKTI in Nigeria, The British African Business Alliance, Business Council for Africa, AFFORD and The Foreign and Commonwealth Office. We have the support of the Ministry of Trade and the Nigerian Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM).