Ways To Market Yourself Online As A Real Estate Agent

12 Crazy Ways To Market Yourself Online As A Real Estate Agent In Nigeria

Finding ways to market yourself online as a real estate agent in Nigeria?

No problem…I’ve got you covered.

Although, real estate marketing should be done offline and online to ensure you have maximum success.

But in this article, I will be focusing on ways to market yourself online as a real estate agent in Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

One of the first things every real estate agent needs to understand is that the online world holds the key to success. 

These days, the majority of your real estate marketing should happen online, because this is where most people are going to try to find a property. 

The main challenge is that marketing online requires a completely different mindset and skillset from what you are probably used to. 

It also requires that you have a good understanding of various methods and platforms. 

For instance, you will need a completely different mindset and level of knowledge to market on Facebook than Google. 

You might need to hire different professionals to get the results you desire from these marketing efforts. 

Regardless of what you do, you need a solid foundation of knowledge to be successful in your online marketing campaigns.

Moving forward, here is a comprehensive list of creative ways to market yourself online as a real estate agent in Nigeria.

1. Build A Website And Blog

Today, the success of real estate marketing depends on building a strong online presence.

And that is why you must have a website and a blog as the foundation of your brand. 

Building your own personal website is one of the creative ways to market yourself online as a real estate agent in Nigeria.


Many real estate agents start with social media, but that would be a deadly mistake.

One big mistake most agents in Nigeria often make is that they neglect to build their own website and blog. 

A website or blog is the foundation you need to start building up a consistent brand and also creating a content strategy that other agents failed to leverage. 

It is the place you can post your content and promotional material. 

It is also a place where you can show listings and do advanced presentations that you could not do anywhere else. 

Most importantly, when you build a blog, you are building a great asset that will be useful to you for years to come.

If you’re a real estate agent in Nigeria and you’re not leveraging content marketing through blogs, you’re missing out as the competition is still zero.

Unlike the make-money-online niche, the real estate niche has a low content marketing competition…

…which gives room for any creative realtor to take advantage of and start generating free real estate leads online.


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Ways To Market Yourself Online As A Real Estate Agent

2. Get Organic Traffic For Your Website With SEO

SEO is also one of the killer ways to market yourself online as a real estate agent.

By using SEO techniques, you can generate steady organic traffic to your website. 

The most significant aspect of SEO is finding the right keywords to target. 

In order to rank high on Google, you must find the right keywords and create SEO content and materials. 

You could attract many targeted visitors to your website if your website appears at the top of Google rankings. 

In conjunction with SEO, enhancing the look and feel of your website is a very effective way to generate leads. 

When your website ranks at the top, you simply have to work on maintaining it to continue receiving the same results.

3. Get Quick Traffic With Google PPC Ads

To get quick traffic to your website, you can use Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads if you are not interested in long-term marketing and traffic building. 

Real estate agents who have a lot of money to invest upfront will gain traction faster with this type of method. 

In Internet marketing, PPC marketing is fundamental. 

However, the upfront costs are very high. 

Trying to do it without knowing what you’re doing is even more difficult. 

There is a chance that you could spend a lot of time and money doing PPC marketing without getting any results. 

That is why hiring an expert is so critical to getting the results you want from this marketing method.

4. Learn How To Advertise On Facebook

Facebook marketing is similar to pay-per-click marketing, except that images and videos can be used.

You have to understand the context in which people use each platform because that one factor changes everything. 

On Facebook, people interact with family and friends and read articles

On the other hand, people searching for information on search engines are looking for specific information. 

Knowing how to market effectively on Facebook is crucial in the current business environment. 

In terms of online marketing, Facebook is one of the most popular platforms and it continues to grow. 

Furthermore, it offers the widest range of targeting options. 

Your real estate business can take advantage of the wealth of information Facebook has collected about its users.

Ways To Market Yourself Online As A Real Estate Agent

5. Make Sure You Are Active On Social Media

People spend most of their time on social media, so having a presence there is imperative. 

While social media is not designed for people looking to buy property, it is still a place where you can reach your target audience and build a brand. 

To build a brand on social media, you can use a number of strategies, but the most vital thing is to post helpful and engaging content. 

You can provide educational guides and other helpful content that will entice people to want to visit your website or contact you. 

They will also want to subscribe to your page when you post funny and entertaining memes. 

By doing these things, you can get people to associate you with funny and engaging content. 

They will be more likely to buy from you based on your personality. 

Your content will also be shared by many more people, which will build your profile even further.

6. Create An SMS Newsletter For Prospective Buyers

One of the things about marketing on other platforms is that you don’t control your customer list. 

It is why SMS marketing is such a crucial component of real estate marketing in Nigeria

By using SMS marketing, you can have an audience that is completely yours. 

You can continue to market to them on your own terms, and it is something that you can grow into a tangible asset over time. 

Another powerful advantage of SMS marketing is that it get more result than any other type of marketing in Nigeria when it comes to real estate because your messages get delivered directly to your prospects.

The key to SMS marketing is to build value when sending messages to people. 

It means providing valuable content without too much promotion. 

You also need to have a good content schedule to keep people interested and occupied. 

7. Promote Properties With Drone Footage

One aspect of marketing that many people never talk about is the quality of the footage used to showcase your property

Real estate agents take for granted how important presentation is in their business. 

You must present properties in the right way, which means having a good understanding of what appeals to potential buyers. 

The drone industry has taken off in recent years, and it is something you can use to showcase your properties. 

You can spice up your virtual tours by having a drone photographer build a 3D map of the property. 

People are more willing to look at the property when they know it is laid out in beautiful 3D. 

They will also be able to make a much better decision without having to visit the property themselves. 

It means that people who are coming to visit are the ones who have seen the virtual tour and like the property.

8. Create Professional Video Intros For Every Property

A professional video introduction is a great way for you to improve your brand. 

By using this technique, you are much more likely to give people the impression that you are one of the more successful people in the real estate agent industry

The more professional your presentations and videos, the better you will be at attracting prospective buyers. 

It will give these buyers the feeling that you are someone they can trust and depend on. 

It will also ensure that they are getting an accurate picture of what the property looks like. 

When they show up, it means they are a lot more interested than someone who has only seen a few old and blurry pictures or flyers.

Ways To Market Yourself Online As A Real Estate Agent

9. Utilize LinkedIn To Build Your Brand

Building your brand on LinkedIn is also one of the best ways to market yourself online as a real estate agent. 

The site is usually visited by professionals. 

You may want to consider it if you want to attract a professional audience to one of your properties. 

Nevertheless, you must understand how LinkedIn marketing works in order to avoid overdoing it and getting banned. 

This is a place where professional courtesy is necessary, so you have to understand it very clearly.

10. Advertise Your Properties On Popular Real Estate Sites

One of the easiest ways to market your properties is to list them on popular real estate websites. 

There are websites like NigeriaPropertyCentre.com that allow you to list your properties, and they have a massive audience. 

When you list your properties on these platforms, you get access to millions of visitors every month. 

It could potentially change your entire business, as you would have people interested in your property without doing any other form of marketing. 

By doing things this way, you are much more likely to find success when promoting your next property.

11. Invest In Talented Creatives

When it comes to creating content for your real estate business, you have to be willing to spend a lot of money to get the best. 

Ways To Market Yourself Online As A Real Estate Agent

The best people in this industry are usually the ones who cost the most to hire. 

However, the one piece of content that they will produce for you will be seen by many people. 

It means the return you get from using these services will be a lot better than the cost of those services. 

That should be your mindset when hiring outside talent to do anything in your business.

12. Always Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

When it comes to ways to market yourself online as a real estate agent in Nigeria…

Competition is key!

It is not enough for you to be a great marketer in your field. 

To stay on top of your competition, you must also keep an eye on them constantly. 

Marketing is essentially a battlefield, and you have to win against your competitor. 

It means figuring out what they are doing and finding ways to do it better for your potential customers. 

The best real estate agents are the ones that understand this reality.

Final Words On Ways To Market Yourself Online As A Real Estate Agent In Nigeria

There are several ways to market yourself online as a real estate agent.

The best part is that they are all there for you to experiment with.

You just need to take them one at a time and see what works for you, then stick to what works!

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