How to Generate Real Estate Leads for Free - 5 Ideas that Surely Converts.
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How to Generate Real Estate Leads for Free – 5 Ideas that Surely Converts.

If you’re looking for how to generate real estate leads for free, then guess what?

You’ve landed on the right estate…LOL!

Why generate real estate leads for free?

Real estate agents depend on leads to survive. 

This is why 60% of real estate agents look for leads every day.

Most agents do not know how to capture leads. 

Fortunately, it’s not that complicated. 

Across a variety of industries, marketing professionals use something called a lead magnet to persuade consumers to give them their contact information. 

Here, I will explain how this tactic can be used to attract leads as a real estate agent as well as which lead magnets are most likely to generate sales and help you grow your business.

The goal of lead generation in real estate is to bring in prospects to rent, buy, or sell properties through your services.

First off,

What is a real estate lead magnet?

Simply put, a real estate lead magnet is an offer for a freebie in exchange for someone’s contact information. 

The lead will either voluntarily provide their contact details or contact you directly in order to receive the offer being promoted. 

Some things that can serve as lead magnets include an e-book, a report, an e-newsletter, etc.

There are offline versions of this lead generation tactic, such as a sign-up sheet at an expo, but it’s most efficient and effective when used online. 

That’s because your real estate lead magnet will live on a dedicated and functional website, available 24/7, and ultimately reach more people than you’d even have access to at a single in-person event.

Marketers who are successful with real estate marketing often use both inbound and outbound techniques. 

With the ever-expanding reach of digital media, every real estate agent must think of lead generation in terms of both inbound and outbound marketing.

What is outbound marketing?

Outbound marketing is more of a traditional approach. 

Here, you’re the one chasing the prospects.

The majority of real estate professionals use tactics such as cold calling, direct mail, telemarketing, banner marketing, and event marketing to generate real estate leads.

What about inbound marketing?

Here, prospects are chasing you.

Inbound marketing attracts prospects to your real estate business through the creation and promotion of relevant content. 

Inbound marketing activities include content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and online advertising. 

With that said,

I’ve put together some effective lead generation strategies for real estate businesses like yours, both online and off.

Inbound Ideas for Generating Real Estate Leads That Convert.

1. Personal brand website

Although your brokerage or any property listing site may provide you with a single-page agent profile website.

It is not enough to rely on a single-page profile provided by your broker as a sufficient or effective online presence strategy. 

You must create and develop a personal brand through your own personal website. 

A personally branded website gives you the platform for establishing credibility, collecting leads, and providing clients with helpful content.

A few years ago, the National Association of Realtors found that 82% of agents who made more than $150,000 had their own websites.

When visitors arrive on your personal real estate website, present them with a landing page built to prompt a specific action, such as:

  • Booking an appointment
  • Determine the value of your home
  • Download a buying guide
  • Sign-up for a newsletter

The objective of the landing page need not be limited to what is listed above. 

The idea is to create a page without the usual trappings of a homepage to target different types of visitors and capture higher-quality leads.

Visitors to your website are often more prone to chat than call or fill out a form. 

Live chat is a powerful, attractive, and engaging option, and an automated chatbot can also engage visitors and help service prospects.


Create Website For Me Now

2. Local SEO

Have you used a phone book lately? Do you even have one? 

I guess the answer is No…

Instead, you use search engines, and so do your potential clients too. 

So, it’s critical to employ local SEO best practices to have your business appear when people search for real estate services in your location.

It is the dream of most real estate agents to have quality local leads on autopilot. 

The best way to realize this dream is through local SEO.

It is one of the best real estate lead generation ideas because 90% of home buyers use the internet to search. 

Local SEO helps your business to show up in search engines when a user is looking for help to buy or sell a property. 

The first place 44% of home buyers visit online is Google. 

The good thing is, that 60% of those searching are likely to click on the top three results on Google.

This implies that you have to position your real estate business to show up more on Google searches.

This made me remember a client of ours, whose real estate website was optimized for a particular keyword in a location…

I don’t want to use the actual keyword here, but let me just use this example…

“Real Estate Agent in Ibeju Lekki Near Me”

Anytime anyone looking to buy a property in Ibeju Lekki searches for this keyword on Google, her business is always showing up.

This is the power of local SEO.

It is an easy way to generate leads and it also gives you access to reach many prospective clients all for free. 

You can also leverage the Google Maps pack.

A critical component of real estate lead generation requires optimizing your website and Google My Business page so that they are presented when people search for relevant keywords.

3. Social Media Advertising

It’s no secret that your buyers spend time on social media.

The numbers indicate that Facebook and Instagram are the two leading places where you can connect with them. 

Paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram is often cost-effective. 

These networks have an enormous amount of valuable data, which enables you to target your ads to specific audiences with specific interests.

With social media advertising, you can easily send traffic to your website and convert them into leads in no time. 

While social media advertising presents a fast track to winning leads, you can also secure leads via social media organically. 

Promote listings constantly on Facebook and Instagram by posting photos and videos, offering insight into your market, and engaging with your followers regularly.

A simple way to do this is to create a content plan and schedule of what to post on your timeline each day.

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Outbound Ideas for Generating Real Estate Leads that Convert

Let’s explore the most effective outbound real estate lead generation strategies top professionals use:

1. Print

Traditional print marketing still plays a role in your real estate success. Top real estate agents still use printed materials to generate leads.

Print-based strategies include:

  • Business cards
  • Marketing collateral
  • Door hangers
  • Yard signs
  • Property flyers

You can also include any of these in your lead generation process.

2. Open houses

Of course, you want to collect contact information and generate real estate leads at open house events. 

Developing systems to promote your open houses and attract visitors is another powerful way you can use to generate leads that will convert to sales easily.

More Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies For You that Convert.

  • Building Email Lists
  • Create an account on property listing sites
  • Sponsor local events, teams, and organizations
  • Stay in touch with past clients
  • Write for local magazines
  • Deliver advice via online forums
  • Create rewarding referral programs
  • Offer webinars and seminars
  • Collect testimonials

What’s Next?

What can you offer? Anything!

The ‘bribe’ should simply give your site visitors something they need or may be interested in, from professional tips and data to basic entertainment. 

Offer a free exchange – and that’s it.

If your magnet is engaging, you’ll be enjoying the results before you know it.

Optimize your internet presence, create landing pages, give out quality lead magnets, capture leads, and keep your funnel full at all times.

Even if your closing ratio is low but your lead funnel is full, you will still make sales.

So go do your thing…

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