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10 Best Books For Real Estate Agents In Nigeria (All Of Them Will Change Your Life Forever)

There are a bunch of top-selling and top-best books for real estate agents in Nigeria to read that will change your business game forever.

You see, the Nigerian real estate game is fierce and competitive, and that means every real estate agent will need to do some extra reading to hedge others in the competition. 

Stuck with what to read? 

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

In this article, I will be showing you the list of the top 10 best books for real estate agents in Nigeria to read in 2023.

The tips and strategies revealed in these books are currently being used by the best real estate agents across the country. 

Moreso, these best books for real estate agents cover subjects like getting started in real estate, lead generation, prospecting, deal closing, customer support, business planning, and finances.

Whether you browse or scout these books, the contents of these books will change your real estate business forever.

Now, I challenge you to set a goal of reading books every day, whether it’s on audio or in hard copy. 

Pick a number of books that you are going to read this year and stick to it… 

10 is a good number to start with.

You’ll be amazed at what reading will do. 

Not just about gaining knowledge but your hunger for searching for more!

So with no further ado, here is the list of the top 10 best books for real estate agents in Nigeria that I think will be helpful in 2023.

1. The Conversion Code by Chris Smith (Top 1 Best Books For Real Estate Agents)

the conversion code book - best books for real estate agents

This book is one of the best books for real estate agents on internet lead generation and conversion. 

Chris Smith researches and tests the latest and most popular platforms, including TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, while also studying the most effective sales techniques, tools, and scripts. 

In this book, you’ll learn to: 

  • Increase your lead conversion rate, reduce your cost per lead and improve your overall ROI from marketing and sales 
  • Generate an endless supply of high-quality leads from social media that are easy to convert into closed sales 
  • Stop chasing leads and start attracting clients with amazing marketing and clever ads 
  • Adapt to the consumer privacy changes that have made targeting ads and getting leads to answer the phone harder than ever 
  • Differentiate your brand in a way that positions you as the authority and gets people contacting you who are already sold

This book is an invaluable reference and easy-to-follow guide for every real estate agent competing in the hyper-competitive online environment.

If you must read a book in 2023, this will be my number one pick.


2. Sell It Like Serhant by Ryan Serhant

Sell It Like Serhant - best books for real estate agents

If you’re in real estate, you have to know how to sell yourself and your work. Because if you don’t, you can’t eat.

Sell It Like Serhant is the blueprint for how to go from sales scrub to sales machine. 

It is one of the best books for real estate agents on marketing and sales.

Serhant provides useful lessons, lively stories, and examples that illustrate how anyone can employ his principles to increase profits and achieve success. 

Your measure of a good day will no longer depend on one deal or one client.

Sell It Like Serhant is a smart, at times hilarious, and always essential playbook to build confidence, generate results, and sell just about anything. 

In  this book, you’ll find tips on: 

  • The Seven Stages of Selling 
  • How to Be a Time Manager, Not a Time Stealer 
  • Negotiating Like A BOSS 
  • Pulling the Indecisive Client Forward 
  • And Much More!

Whatever your expertise is, Sell It Like Serhant will make you a master at sales.


3. Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount

Fanatical Prospecting - Best books for real estate agents in Nigeria

Is your pipeline empty? 

Fanatical Prospecting is a book that explains how to keep the clients and money flowing while you build up your ambitions. 

Fanatical Prospecting gives salespeople, sales leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives a practical, eye-opening guide that clearly explains the why and how behind the most important activity in sales and business development—prospecting.

This book is one of the best books for real estate agents and it is a must-read for agents who are in steady competition with the same set of buyers. 

The clients exist, and the work needs to be done – you just need to know how to find those profitable opportunities.


4. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller

The millionaire real estate agent - Best books for real estate agents

Take your real estate career to the highest level! 

It’s not about the money… It’s about being the best you can be!

Whether you are just getting started or a veteran in the business, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent is the step-by-step handbook for seeking excellence in your profession and in your life.

It’s like the realtor’s bible.

Read this and it’ll spell out all pieces of the business that any agent should plan to invest their time in. 

It covers the lead generation, leverage, mechanics of the business, and finances.

The millionaire real estate agent book is a must-read for all real estate agents willing to up their real estate business.

This is also one of the best books for real estate agents, powerful and life-changing.


5. Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk

Crushing It - Best books for real estate agents

A strong personal brand is your ticket to complete personal and professional freedom.

Gary Vaynerchuk offers new lessons and inspiration drawn from the experiences of dozens of influencers and entrepreneurs who rejected the predictable corporate path in favor of pursuing their dreams by building thriving businesses and extraordinary personal brands.

In this book, Gary Vee emphasizes the importance of emerging technologies and why you need to take advantage of them now.

Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc. These are the tools you need to leverage to build your business, influence, and success like other great entrepreneurs out there.

This is also one of the best books for real estate agents and it’s a recommended read!


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6. Shift by Gary Keller

shift books for real estate agents

Sometimes you’ll shift in response to a falling market and other times you’ll shift to take your business to the next level. 

Both can transform your business and your life. 

You can change your thinking, your focus, your actions, and ultimately, your results. 

You can get back in the game and ahead of the competition. 

The tactics that jump-start your business in tough times will power it forward in good times.

Put your business into another gear – shift! 

SHIFT explores 12 proven strategies for achieving success in any real estate market including:

  • Master The Market Of The Moment: Short Sales, Foreclosures, and REOs 
  • Create Urgency: Overcoming Buyer Reluctance 
  • Re-margin Your Business: Expense Management 
  • Find The Motivated: Effective Lead Generation 
  • Expand The Options: Creative Financing

Every real estate agent should read this. It’s one of the best books for real estate agents in Nigeria.

You will learn everything about the market shift and how to get out victorious.

SHIFT is a  great book to help you refocus your priorities and stop blaming external influences. 

No revolutionary concepts or idea’s but focuses on changing your mindset into getting the basics right and adapting your strategy to the changing market, as what worked before certainly doesn’t work now.


7. Youtube For Real Estate Agents by Karin Carr

Youtube For Real Estate Agents by Karin Carr

Can YouTube marketing really bring you business deals?

In this book, you’ll learn why YouTube is the best free advertising you will ever find.

Your YouTube channel isn’t just for branding anymore! 

If you want to learn how to get real estate clients easily and without dropping a bundle of money on ads, then YouTube for Real Estate Agents is for you!

In only seven days you’ll understand how to use YouTube to get new clients that are begging to work with you, without having to spend any money on ads.  

You’ll learn: 

  • What your channel art MUST have in order to get subscribers 
  • The #1 SECRET to attracting new clients like a magnet 
  • The reason most agents get few views and even fewer subscribers 
  • Why most videos will NEVER get you a new client – and how to fix that!

Whether you’re a new agent or you have been in the business for a decade, if you are willing to be on camera you can start getting tons of free real estate leads from YouTube. 

YouTube for Real Estate Agents book will teach you how to set up your YouTube channel to be a lean, mean, lead gen machine!


8. Sell Like Crazy by Sabri Suby

sell like crazy

If you’re tired of struggling to make online marketing work… 

Sick of throwing money down the drain with paid advertising… 

Or just want to create a torrential downpour of hyper-profitable clients for your business… 

Then this will be the most exciting, life-changing book you will ever read.

Here’s just a taste of what Sabri reveals in this amazing book… 

  • How to write Facebook ads that practically FORCE your prospects to click them and buy!
  • Discover the #1 best way to grab any prospect by the jugular… and… drag them down into your sales message and practically force them to buy!
  • The breakthrough approach to generating itchy-to-buy leads in droves that create an avalanche of sales.
  • How to uncover large new “starving crowds” of prospects who spend like sailors on leave 
  • A buried case study on how one ad pulled in 3 MILLION LEADS and how you can copy this strategy to create a stampede of new customers for your own business
  • The three most powerful ways to influence your DREAM clients and establish yourself as the ONLY person they buy from 
  • How to crawl inside the mind of your DREAM buyer, camp out there…. and get fresh, super-targeted marketing intel to pump up your offers on steroids and beat the pants off your competition! 

There are many things “sales” to learn from this book, Getting it is a must!!!


9. Close or Lose by Tade Cash (One of the Best Books for Real Estate Agents in Nigeria)

close or lose by tade cash - best books for real estate agents in Nigeria

There is only one rule to the game; It’s either you close or you lose.

In this book, Tade Cash emphasizes the one skill that separates the greats from the mediocre in any industry of the world, real estate to be precise.

Close or Lose is not your normal book that bullshits you on sales techniques. It is simple and straightforward.

It shows you both the mindset and the skillset that make a master closer.

With the secrets coded in this book, you will learn:

  • How to move from being a nobody in any industry (real estate) to the top 10% even if you’re inexperienced in sales.
  • How to grow your income, revenue, and customers by mastering how to close like a legend following systematic hypnotic scripting.
  • How to succeed and prosper in any economy

Close or lose is one of the best books for real estate agents in Nigeria.

If you desire to master how to make people willingly entrust you with their hard-earned money without cajoling or deceiving them, this book is for you.


10. The Book of Yes by Kevin Ward

The book of yes

Finding it difficult to get clients to say yes?

In The Book of YES, you will find the most powerful scripts in the real estate industry today to get that final YES from your clients.

The Book of YES is an action guide, not a book of theory. 

Think of it as YOUR PLAY BOOK for the key conversations you have with buyers. 

Along with the scripts you will find tactical notes on how to use the script, why it works, and when to modify the script for various situations.

This book is not about intimidating your clients to agree with you, it’s about inspiring them to say YES. 

And the more they do, the more abundance and success you will have in your life. 

The ultimate YES is saying YES to your goals, your dreams, and your family so you can create the lifestyle that you want.


Conclusion Best Books For Real Estate Agents In Nigeria

Well, there you have it.  

10 of the best books for real estate agents in Nigeria in my opinion. 

I hope that you’ll go out and pick up one of them today. 

Together, these 10 best books for real estate agents represent a reading list that will change your business mindset.

You will learn how to talk to people in the professional world, generate qualified leads online, create an effective and productive work schedule, learn to close deals like a legend, and develop the ambitious attitude needed for real success.

It’s often said that leaders are readers, and now you have many excellent books to choose from.

Did I miss any? 

Please leave a comment below and share some of your favorite reads with me.

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